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                            Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan

           Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan Ayyar is the full name of S.R.Ranganathan. He was born on 9th August 1892 at Shiyali in Tanjavoor District of Tamil Nadu. Ramamrita Ayyar was the father of S.R.Ranganathan. Seethalakshmi was the Mother of S.R.Ranganathan. Ranganathan married when he was fifteen years old in 1907. Rukmini was his first wife. Ranganathan married again in 1929 to Sarada in December  1929. Ranganathan started his teaching career from 1917, when Ranganathan was appointed to the Subordinate Education Service and worked as Assistant Lecturer in the Government College in Mangalore and Coimbatore between 1917 and 1921. At Mangalore and Coimbatore, Ranganathan taught Physics and Mathematics. S.R.Ranganathan joined the Presidency College, Madras in July 1921 as Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Ranganathan left Presidency College in January 1924. Ranganathan appointed the first librarian of Madras University in January 1924. Ranganathan went to England in September 1924 for study-Cum-observation tour. W.C. Berwick Sayers, Chief Librarian of Croydon Public Library and a lecturer in the University School of Librarianship, London was the teacher of S.R.Ranganthan in England.
  • Ranganathan's Contribution in Library Science

    1.Five Laws of Library Science(1931)
    2.Colon Classification(1933)
    3.Classified Catalogue Code(1934)
    4.Prolegomena to Library Classification(1937)
    5.Theory of the Library catalogue (1938)
    6.Elements of Library Classification(1945)
    7.Classification and Communication(1951)
    8.Headings and Canons(1955)